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The FUTURE of Public Safety is Here!


Product Features

  • A Safety Factor from 1 to 10 (10 being the safest) is calculated based upon your current location

  • The safety factor can be customized for the citizen based on age, race, gender or other factors.

  • The safety factor is also adjusted based upon time of day or day of the week.

  • Get connected with local Law Enforcement. Receive Alerts, Messages, and warnings directly to your phone. 

  • This system uses National FBI Crime Data and Local Municipal Crime Data. Over 9,600 USA Cities are included in this APP. Visit virtually any US City and receive crime information instantly. 

  • The system comes pre-loaded with data from over 9,600 cities, townships, and counties.

  • Travel internationally, APP includes contact data and location information on all 274 US embassies around the world

  • The APP identifies the nearest Police station and allows the citizen to call and/or get directions. Over 3,000 Law enforcement sites included.

  • The APP identifies the nearest Hospital and allows the citizen to call and/or get directions. Over 7,000 USA Hospitals included.

  • The citizen can enter an address see the safety factor and crime stats for that address.

  • The APP allows you to tap into live surveillance cameras and visually assess an area before travel.

  • The APP allows for voice commands which allows for hands free interaction from the citizen

  • The APP uses text to speech technology to verbalize information back to the citizen

  • And Much More!

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