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Law Enforcement 


Participating Law Enforcement Agencies Can Access their Am I Safe Command Center at No charge.

To Register Your Agency, click here

Once your local citizens are connected with the AM I SAFE APP, you will have instant communication capabilities at your fingertips.

ALERTS: Send Alerts directly to all the phones in your area or to specific phones. this alert can be in any format: text, email, popup message, photo, or video.

PHONE CALLS: Create a single recording and call unlimited phones in your area to relay the recording (Reverse 911)

MESSAGES: Send a message via text and/or email to selected phones. Release 2.0 will allow citizens to message law enfrocement

EVENTS CALENDAR: Law Enforcement can broadcast an electronic calendar of events that will show street closures, parades, planned events, etc in order to inform the public in advanced.

ELECTRONIC BILLBOARD: This unique feature allows Law Enforcement to display a message on a citizens phone similar to a popup ad. This feature is great for missing persons, stolen vehicles or most wanted.

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