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    Technology Solutions

    "Products with a purpose"

    We just don't utilize technology for technology sake but rather, we focus on the needs of the society and then implement software solutions to help address these needs.


    Several of our top "society solutions" are listed here.

    To learn more about them click on the logos located to the left of the descriptions.


    S.T.E.M: Known as "TierraNOVA Presents" We have created a series of instructional videos for K-12 Students which covers the entire spectrum of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics utilizing multiple core competencies. 

    (Free To Subscribe)

    MENTAL HEALTH: This is a mental health APP designed specifically for the Divine 9 Greek Organizations. It allows members to stay in touch with any other member anywhere in the world and provides access to chat groups or one on one conversations in times of crisis.

    (Must be a Divine 9 Member to Subscribe)

    COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT: The OBIE Board is computer based analytical software that has been implemented at Senior Living Centers in Pennsylvania. It utilizes technology, education, and entertainment to increase the mental awareness of senior citizens. 

    (Software Purchase Required)

    PUBLIC SAFETY: Our signature product is a Public Safety and Communications systems with a specific emphasis on School Safety. The Stay Alert APP provides a means for which Law Enforcement, Schools, Businesses and Local Municipalities can contact it's citizens using voice, data and video.

    (The APP can be downloaded for Free)





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